Niraj is a certified Financial Planner and a Registered Life Planner with a solid experience of more than a decade.

Niraj’s forte and Unique Value Proposition is to give clarity about financial and life goals with an interpersonal and customized touch.

Niraj has inspired many people to achieve financial freedom and flexibility in life via effective life planning processes.

George Kinder is hailed as the Father of the Life Planning Movement worldwide. Niraj, being the only RLP, assisted him in his first RLP program conducted in India.

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Corpo’RACE’ Executive

Corporate Freedom… Jay was stuck in an infinite loop of “work, targets & higher targets” yet in “Money never enough”

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7am & though awake, I just don’t want to get out of my bed.Suddenly, a buzz on cell phone… so early…

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After an intense session of over 90 minutes, Sandesh finished the intricate root canal treatment.

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Getting rid of ‘N’ from NRI

I was extremely energized & why not? Today, I was a special guest in Konkan, one of my most favourite regions!

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Niraj Nanal Blogs

Financial Year Ending……

Wed Mar 07 2018

Financial Year Ending……. We are on the verge of completing yet another Financial Year ! ! ! Have you taken tim…



Office Location: Pune-411016, India

Postal Address: 1137/10, Parvati Sadan, Model Colony, N R. Bapat Hospital, Pune-411016.

Phone: +91-9130126096, 020-25666349



  • It was great way to get perspective on achieving Life Goals through the Financial Planning. I went to Niraj for only financial planning but was surprised when I came out to get clear understanding of the Life planning goals itself! Very much pleased with the services as I could manage my life goals along with Financial planning. Would recommend others also to experience this!
    Kaustubh Mulay
  • I have been getting advice about financial planning from Niraj for almost a decade . He is very good listener and very skilful to dig out your needs of Life planning. He explains all the nitigrities and need of the subject of financial planning . Every busy and lazy and laymen or so called knowledgeable person must get advice from Mr. Niraj Nanal.
    Jayant Gurav
  • Financial planning is an important aspect of our lives that we scarcely put any focus on. Most people simply go with the flow, or go down an ill-advised route based on advice received from elders in the family. Since coming into contact with Niraj we have been able to focus on the issues/problems that require attention and have been able to make best use of our resources in building for the future as well as living life to the fullest as we go. Also inculcates a culture of financial discipline.
    Renju Abraham