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(From 32 white mountains in mouth to many more in Himalayas… )

7am & though awake, I just don’t want to get out of my bed.Suddenly, a buzz on cell phone… so early… slightly irritated, I pick up my phone. Selfie of smiling Sameer with his bike breaks the dawn for me & as I remember.

6 months ago, a sweet couple, Sameer n Anagha, had visited our office for an ‘Exploration Session’, as we started the discussion I asked them ‘what brings you here’??? Sameer then started talking about the huge amount of taxes he has to pay, and how he feels that he is not able to invest properly and… Blah…Blah…Blah!

After he was finished I told him that we have all the skills required to create a Financial Plan for you but before we do that it’s really critical that we understand what is really important to you. Can you please tell me Sameer what is really important to you? (And then I paused). Sameer was caught off-guard. He started reflecting & then slowly started unwinding his story…

With born talent backed up with hard work, Sameer ascended the corporate ladders at a supersonic speed. Within a span of 15 years, he was promoted as a Director of the company. Soon they were quite a well-off family! But gradually, the deadlines, work pressure, top-lines & margins started eating up his health along with family time. He couldn’t focus on his own tax returns, statutory compliances, investments… Everything had just gone topsy-turvy!

I was listening to him quietly giving him space to pour out anything & everything that may important to his Financial Life Plan.

In EXPLORATION session it is very critical that clients put everything table that may be remotely important to him so as he finished I asked him anything else!!!

Now, with a smile afresh, his eyes lit like a child as he seemed lost for a while. “I was a die-hard fan of bikes since childhood. Biking has always been my passion. I always dreamt of riding in the serene terrains of mountains, lakes, desserts & what not! Those were times, when I could only dream but could not afford any such bikes. Today, I can buy costliest bike in the world, but alas! Now, my availability & health would never permit me to do so. It seems, this will always remain an illusion to me Niraj.”

He finally finished speaking & looked at his wife. That was the first time Anagha spoke, “OMG Sameer, I can’t recall the last time when you spoke so much! To tell you frankly Niraj, Sameer have always been a reticent guy. But you really struck a chord with him today. Personally to me, I already have started ripping profits without even investing in here!”

As I was glancing through Sameer’s financials and looking at the spark in his eyes when he was talking about riding I told him that we can surely make your dream of riding happen along with making sure that you have a robust overall financial plan. (May be in next 6 months)

As I was telling this to Sameer he was filled with passion and enthusiasm.

With this passion of Sameer and following the EVOKE® process in next couple of meeting we could clearly spell out the priorities for the couple and create a robust strategy to bring their dreams in to reality. As I was remembering that meeting and today seeing Sameer realizing on important aspects of his life plan I felt really happy

It had no digits, yet to me, it is my most favorite & priceless professional reward as Sameer’s message read “On top of the world”.

I tagged Sameer’s snap as MY Best selfie ever (though without me…)

Being a Certified Financial Planner over past decade, I get so many feedbacks from almost all my clients starting with money issues but as we allow them to go deeper it almost always connects to something profound and deep. A dream of their freedom.

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Niraj is certified financial Planner and Registered Life Planner who is providing professional services from last more than 10 years.


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Wishing to do something you love is Easy. Dreaming to Achieve your Life Goals is Easy. Wishing and Dreaming are easy for most of the people but achieving it is hard.


EVOKE® Process

Money is just not a NUMBER!!! It is a powerful force affecting all aspects of our Life. Therefore we believe that it is important that we approach Money issues comprehensively and holistically.



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  • It was great way to get perspective on achieving Life Goals through the Financial Planning. I went to Niraj for only financial planning but was surprised when I came out to get clear understanding of the Life planning goals itself! Very much pleased with the services as I could manage my life goals along with Financial planning. Would recommend others also to experience this!
    Kaustubh Mulay
  • I have been getting advice about financial planning from Niraj for almost a decade . He is very good listener and very skilful to dig out your needs of Life planning. He explains all the nitigrities and need of the subject of financial planning . Every busy and lazy and laymen or so called knowledgeable person must get advice from Mr. Niraj Nanal.
    Jayant Gurav
  • Financial planning is an important aspect of our lives that we scarcely put any focus on. Most people simply go with the flow, or go down an ill-advised route based on advice received from elders in the family. Since coming into contact with Niraj we have been able to focus on the issues/problems that require attention and have been able to make best use of our resources in building for the future as well as living life to the fullest as we go. Also inculcates a culture of financial discipline.
    Renju Abraham