Previous Workshops

Financial Life Planning (FLP) is not limited to investing and saving your money. There are many variables to it that we generally tend to overlook. Every individual has his/her priorities and issues and every issue has a solution. Whether it comes to artists, doctors, IT professionals, entrepreneurs everybody have their own financial pain points we have creative suggestions and solutions for all!

Come and be a part of our workshops which are targeted at a specific demographic and here, we address many such issues and offer innovative concepts and solutions. These workshops are absolutely free of cost!

The topics we have covered so far are:

  • Before you buy your dream house – Is it really necessary to follow the age old goal of owning a house? Is it really practical in today’s times? We’ll help you ask the right questions for the right answers.
  • Common mistakes done by doctors – We ensure that you lead a healthy, financial life! Hey Doc, let’s not be so ad hoc!
  • Common mistakes done by IT professionals – As part of one of the highest paid industries of today, we help you make wise financial choices and appropriate investments for monetary flexibility.
  • Common mistakes done by SME owners – You and your business are two separate entities. Let there be no identity crisis here! We help you manage personal finance and business finance.
  • Financial planning for creative professionals – Are financial decisions holding you back? We’ll help your creative juices flow in the right financial direction.
  • Investments – It’s high time we look at investments as a means and not an end. Learn to invest to achieve your quest!
  • Tax Planning – Take a few necessary measures with our help, and it’s actually not that Taxing!
  • What is life planning? – Set your priorities and invest to achieve them! Invest to achieve a goal and don’t look at investment as a goal.